Custom-built RF Coils for Ultra-high Field MRI

Choose MR CoilTech for high quality RF coils and MRI RF 
hardware custom-built for your research needs 

MR CoilTech Ltd.

Are you looking for bespoke RF coils built specifically for your research needs? Whether you have an 8 or 16-channel transmit system or up to 32 or 64-channel receive capability, we offer solutions based on your system configuration to maximize the image SNR.

We have a track record of designing robust, high-performance 1H and multi-nuclei RF coils and MRI RF hardware for 7T and 9.4T human MRI scanners.
Relevant publications: 
Shajan G et al., A 16-channel dual-row transmit array in combination with a with a 31-element receive array for human brain imaging at 9.4 T. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 71(2), 870-879.
Shajan G et al., Three-layered radio frequency coil arrangement for sodium MRI of the human brain at 9.4 Tesla. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 75(2), 906-916.


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