RF Coils for UHF MRI

At MR CoilTech Ltd. in Glasgow, we custom-build a wide range of RF coils and offer tailored solutions to ultra-high field MRI Research Centres.

16Tx96Rx 7T Head Coil

We are delighted to have developed world’s first 16-channel transmit 96-channel receive 7T head coil for University of California, Berkeley. Despite the complex electronics, we arrived at a compact design which allowed the whole setup to fit elegantly in the tight space within the head gradient insert of the NexGen 7T scanner.

Our bespoke coil will be used by neuroscientists to study the human cerebral cortex at an unprecedented resolution.

TR Switch

Our TR switches are compact (30 mm x 60 mm) and offer excellent performance with an insertion loss of less than 0.2dB in the transmit path at 300MHz and a gain of 27dB on the receive side. The TR switches can be retuned to cover the range of 1H and x-nuclei frequencies for 7T, 9.4T and 10.5T scanners.

Test Box

RF coil designs for UHF MRI are complex because of the need for local transmit arrays. A test box is an invaluable tool to have in the RF lab during the development of the RF coil as well as for troubleshooting and regular coil maintenance.

The switching of the PIN bias lines can be mimicked in the RF lab as in the MRI scanner. In addition to the standard measurements that are performed during coil development, the test box facilitates critical measurements such as the interaction between transmit and receive arrays, receive element oscillations and receive element sensitivity.

The integrity of the whole interface wiring can be checked in the RF lab before connecting the coil to the scanner, reducing the time spent on troubleshooting the coil in the MRI scanner. We have developed an 8-channel pTx test box, legacy 32-channel receive test box and the test box for the new high density 32-channel receive connector.

Power Splitters

Transmit arrays are commonly being used for imaging at ultra-high field (≥ 7T). By splitting the RF power into multiple outputs of equal amplitude with pre-defined phase offsets, using a power splitter, the transmit arrays can be used in the single channel mode of the scanner.
We offer 1×8 and 1×16 channel power splitters with built-in phase offsets to be used in 7T and higher field MRI scanners.

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