Standard Products

MR CoilTech have developed a range of standard head coil products for use in 7 Tesla scanners for research purposes.

Head Coils for 7-Tesla MRI

The head coils are available in various configurations:

8 or 16 Channel Transmit

32 or 64 Channel Receive

For use with Siemens body or impulse gradient 7T MRI scanners

Head Coil for 7-Tesla MRI
Head Coil for 7-Tesla MRI
Head Coil for 7-Tesla MRI
7-Tesla MRI Scanner

The new design incorporated many advanced ergonomic features:

  • Improved patient comfort
  • Improved patient visibility to reduce claustrophobia
  • Light weight and compact design for ease of handling
  • Ease of patient positioning
  • Sliding transmit and anterior receive coils.
  • Rear projection mirror for fMRI studies.
  • ‘Look-out’ mirror on 8-channel transmit coils designed for body gradient scanners
  • Option to add Skope Advanced Field Monitoring (Canon Medical). For more details click here.

For any queries you may have on our standard products, please email us on: